In the basement of the Hospedería de los Parajes, this space is reserved for relaxation and health and beauty treatments.

Our tour begins with a power shower, one of aromatherapy, Turkish bath, ice fountain and jacuzzi, which awaken the senses in a world of sensations and body relaxation.

ENTRY PRICE per person: 35€ DURATION: 1 hour

We have a very detailed list of massages and complete programs.

imagen del spa con ducha de hidromasaje y jacuzzi imagen del jacuzzi del spa imagen las duchas de hidromasaje del spa


A selection of personalized massages and treatments to complete full service SPA. Each of them are carefully prepared and supervised by qualified professionals.

Choose yours and make your stay in our guesthouse a unique and unforgettable.


Relaxing / Deep Tissue: Massage with oil and essential oils suitables for the choosen type of massage

Circulatory: Activates blood an linphatic circulatin, improving the cellular exchange.

For pregnants: Massage with almond oil for reliving the disconfort derived from pregnancy.

Lymphatic Drainage: Smooth, repetitives and rhythmical movements that help to improve the lymphatic system.

Head Massage: Relives headache and head tensions

Feet and head massage: Face, head and feet massage that will bring you to a deep relaxation.


Moisturising treatment with Hyaluronic acid and kobido massage, also called japanese lifting


1h 30´ minutes: 90€ //